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Ron Kashden for Sarasota City Commission - District 2



to put the public good + neighbors first!

Because I live in Laurel Park, a walkable, leafy, historic neighborhood at heart of the downtown Sarasota, I have over a decade of civic involvement working  to improve and protect our community and the assets we hold in common.

I love Sarasota’s art, architecture, and great outdoors: from its parks, to its beaches, bay, and bayous, it is the greatest place on earth – a paradise found.  I want to make sure we don’t lose it.

  • Like most neighbors I’ve spoken to, I chose to move to here rather than Miami, St. Pete, or Tampa because of Sarasota’s creative culture, beautiful land, sea, and skyscape, eclectic mix of people, and the special character of its unique spaces and places.
  • With 30 years of professional experience analyzing complex systems, I know how to make decisions that add up.
  • Training as a CPA gives me the skills to identify trouble spots, conduct due diligence, and ask the right questions to ensure that public funds are used wisely.
  • Prior work experience as CFO of a multi-billion dollar private equity fund means I am used to making sound, data-driven financial choices and rationale investment decisions.
  • As former CEO of a successful technology firm, I support entrepreneurship, and want to ensure that Sarasota’s retail shops, local restaurants, and established small businesses don’t get pushed out by chains and redevelopment.
  • With thoughtful leadership, Sarasota can grow responsibly and balance the civic equation by focusing on investments that promote a viable and livable present and future city for all.

Unbridled growth has put Sarasota's livability at risk. I want to help safeguard our investment in this place WE call "home".

My grounding principles:

1. Give the public a seat at the table

Sarasota is a city of neighborhoods, and each should be valued for their unique character and identity. Protecting neighborhoods and residential quality of life should be the most important role of a city commissioner. Elected representatives must encourage & listen to public input.

2. Support local businesses

Sarasota's civic identity and future depend on the city's unique mix of home-grown enterprises. We need to nurture and build locally-owned businesses. A rich mix of walkable shopping and dining benefits residents and visitors alike. We need to protect Sarasota's retailers and shop local.

3. Preserve Sarasota's charm

Change is inevitable. Development will continue, but we should work hard to protect Sarasota’s intrinsic value as a unique coastal community. Let’s not rush to become another Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, or Miami. We need to protect the unique architecture that makes our city special.

4. Promote law & order

Whether it’s noise, speeding, vagrancy, rental and development abuses (e.g., hotel houses or interstitial space), or encroachment on public space, let’s value the rule of law and keep our city safe, healthy, livable, and welcoming. We should enforce existing public safety ordinances.

5. Ensure fiscal balance

The primary fiduciary requirement for a municipality is that it provide essential services like water, sanitation, and police. Creating a clean and hospitable environment for today's residents and tomorrow's should guide spending. Investments should be based on data & public benefit.

Why I'm running...

To add a voice of reason

1. Restore the residents' voices (and ears!) to city hall

Reasonable concerns about the effects of rampant growth have fallen on deaf ears. Proposals are pushed through at breakneck speed with no regard for the impacts on neighbors. I will listen, learn, and base decisions on facts.

2. Help the city start making $ense again

Approach government decisions like roundabout rules of the road: slow down, look around, and be ready to yield!

3. No Developer Donations.

Developers have had an oversized voice with the current city commission. So, from day 1, my campaign will not accept developer donations.

On Issues

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Candidate Forum March 28, 2024

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